Dive Industry Technician Training

ScubaEngineer.com was created as an international support site for certified Dive Industry Technicians, cylinder inspectors and compressors repairers, to provide both the service manuals, spare parts and hard to find custom tools used by the professional scuba repairer. Information on all the worlds scuba equipment is contained within these pages and may be downloaded by authorized personnel.

Support Services:

  • ASSET approved Dive Industry Technician Course personnel who have successfully completed the full 14 day course involving practical ‘hands-on’ service and repair of all the worlds major manufactures of SCUBA gear have FULL access to all data sheets, spare parts and custom tools for regulators, compressors and scuba cylinders.
  • Non-ASSET certified technicians such as personnel whose only training consists of attaining a 1 day manufacturers seminar, access to individual data sheets is limited only to the technicians ‘manufacturer certification’ for example; a technician certified to work only on Scubapro equipment , may not access the Aqualung, Poseidon, Seacsup or other manufacturers service information, and vice-versa.

The Dive Industry Technician Courses are taught by Stephen E Burton C.Eng., (A formally trained and highly experienced professional engineer and technical diver) with first hand repairing hundreds of scuba regulators and of reviving expired compressors from all the worlds major equipment manufacturers, and of teaching both technicians, recreational and technical diving to the highest levels for the worlds leading training organizations. Steve brings a wealth of practical engineering knowledge from more than 20 years design engineering experience with the worlds major research and defense companies.

The South East Asia Pacific Headquarters for ASSET Approved Dive Industry Technician Training Courses is in a ‘state-of-the-art’ service facility located at the Samui Easytek Co based in Pattaya, Thailand. The Samui Easytek Co has more than 15 years experience in providing support for divers life support equipment to military, commercial and civilian dive teams visiting the South East Asia Pacific region. Easytek CEO is Stephen E Burton C.Eng., Steve is a UK Chartered Engineer and lifelong diver having trained more than a thousand divers at all levels during the last 30 years diving on Air, Nitrox, Rebreathers, and Helium mixed gas; directly planning and assisting in the execution of the world deepest ever self contained scuba dives. Many of Easytek’ s former technician students now run their own dive shops or are leading technical divers and scuba technicians working worldwide.

The training center company profile is given here Samui Easytek Co Ltd – Company profile ( MS- PowerPoint file 3.05Mb)


The development of ScubaEngineeer.com is an on-going long term project that has benefited greatly from the assistance of the many experts working in the dive industry who have graciously contributed information for inclusion within these pages. Particular thanks goes to Mr. C. Stewart Meinert , the author of the original ‘Dive Industry Technicians Handbook’ whose diligence and persistence in single handedly preparing the standard texts for these courses and for being the driving force behind Government liaison to improve Dive Industry Standards, has contributed greatly to the safety and comfort of divers everywhere an ASSET certified technician is to be found.

If there is any information or feature you would like to see included within this web-site, or any product related to equipment service you would like to see sold here, please let us know.

Thank you – All at ScubaEngineer.com